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Weaving Braille 

Weaving Braille": Celebrating  Ancient Tradition, Craft , Innovation, and Inclusivity

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 "Weaving Braille ," where tradition meets innovation in an enchanting installation celebrating love, connection, and environmental consciousness. Inspired by the centuries-old Tangaliya weaving tradition from Gujarat, India, our project seamlessly integrates the Braille writing system, symbolizing universal communication and connection. Through the fusion of Tangaliya weaving with Braille, "Weaving Braille " aims to create a dynamic and inclusive narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

A recent trip to India underscored the importance of preserving traditional crafts like handloom weaving. Modernization threatens these age-old practices, with synthetic fibres replacing organic materials. Protecting organic silk and cotton cultivation, natural dyeing, and fabric printing is essential for sustaining ecosystems and empowering rural communities, particularly women.

Expanding my efforts globally, I'm collaborating with local handloom associations in France to revive traditional weaving practices through the Weave project. By advocating for sustainable alternatives rooted in tradition and community, I'm working to create a more interconnected and environmentally conscious future.

Artist Details:

Tesson & Ronnie is a new international and interdisciplinary collaboration between Parmeet Kaur Tesson and Stevie Ronnie. Their work investigates the possibilities for combining the 700 centuries-old yr and techniques of Tangaliya weaving with traditional indigo dyeing and Braille language. Together they create unique, tactile and emotive visual artworks that explore issues of sustainability, tradition, trade and love.



SeekingPartners :

We are actively seeking sponsors and foundations to join us in supporting our vision. Through collaboration, I aim to weave a future where tradition meets innovation, sustainability prevails, and every thread tells a tale of resilience.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or learning more about our ongoing research initiatives, please contact us.

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