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Eri Silk Paper project intertwines tradition with modern luxury by revitalizing the ancient art of silk paper making using ethically harvested Eri silk cocoons. This sustainable material not only preserves the integrity of the silkworm's life cycle but also enhances the silk's natural qualities, making it ideal for innovative applications in both paper and luxury applications


Unique Materials: Eri silk, sourced from the cocoons of the Eri silkworm (Samia ricini), distinguishes itself through its ethical production process. Unlike conventional silk production, Eri silk is obtained after the silkworm naturally emerges from its cocoon, preserving the natural sericin coating that enhances the silk's strength and sheen. This makes Eri silk a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for luxury applications.

Parmeet's Anecdote and Cultural Influence: Parmeet, inspired by the rich textile heritage of Punjab passed down through generations, brings a deep understanding of traditional craftsmanship to the project. Growing up hearing stories from her grandparents about the meticulous silk weaving techniques, Parmeet embodies a commitment to preserving these cultural practices. Her reverence for natural materials and dedication to sustainable methods resonate throughout the project, bridging regional traditions with global sustainability initiatives.


Eri silk fiber contains: 

  • Sericin: A natural protein-based gum or glue that surrounds the silk fibers, contributing to their strength and resilience. Sericin also gives Eri silk its characteristic sheen and smooth texture.

  • Fibroin: The core protein of the silk fiber, responsible for its strength and flexibility. Eri silk fibroin is known for its softness and thermal properties, making it suitable for various textile and artistic applications.

Craftsmanship and Innovation: In her modest workshop, Parmeet delicately stretches softened Eri silk fibers over a smooth glass surface. This innovative technique, learned through meticulous trial and error, ensures each sheet of Eri Silk Paper achieves a fine, uniform texture. 

Dual Application - Tradition Meets Innovation: Beyond the art of paper making, Parmeet’s project extends into luxury packaging. Eri Silk Paper becomes a luxurious "second skin" for handblown bottles, enhancing their craftsmanship while embodying sustainability. This innovative use not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of spirits and perfumes but also sets a new standard in eco-luxury materials.

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