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Documenting Plant colours 

In my solo initiative, my vision extends beyond mere discovery; it's about unraveling the unique properties of each local plant, unveiling the vibrant colours and healing potentials that lie within. As I delve into the rich tapestry of botanical wonders surrounding me in Cognac, France, my goal is to intimately understand the essence of each plant and harness its gifts.

This vision isn't just about personal exploration; it's about leveraging these botanical treasures to catalyze positive change in the local economy, particularly in the textile industry. By uncovering plants that offer natural dyes and healing properties, I aspire to breathe new life into the traditional practices of textile production, promoting sustainable alternatives that support local artisans and communities.

Through this journey of discovery and revitalization, I envision a future where every plant's unique qualities contribute to a vibrant and thriving local economy, rooted in sustainability and respect for the natural world. Join me as we embark on this transformative journey, one plant at a time, towards a brighter and more sustainable future for Cognac and beyond.

Guided by the timeless narratives of the Vedas and Ayurveda, which have spanned generations, I infuse my work with the richness of natural dyes. From the sacred threads of turmeric to the celestial indigo, these ancient stories inspire my creative journey. Drawing from these traditions, I meticulously cultivate and extract dyes from local plants, employing techniques passed down through generations.

By valuing agricultural waste and forest by-products, I craft vibrant and meaningful artworks while also contributing to waste reduction.

Each piece tells a story, blending the colours of nature with timeless wisdom.

HOLI.KA.RANG" Living Colours is a vibrant homage to the Holi Festival, drawing inspiration from its joyful celebration of love and vivid colours. Delving beyond surface revelry, this project is a profound journey of exploration through two meaningful mediums:

Silk symbolizes unity and selflessness, echoing Holi's essence of togetherness and harmony. It represents the intricate connections that bind us to nature and each other. On the other hand, plants offer a glimpse into life's mysteries, nurturing us with their vitality and offering healing properties.

At its core, HOLI.KA.RANG embraces sustainability and well-being. It repurposes agricultural waste into valuable resources like medicinal plant extracts, fostering waste reduction and supporting local economies. Through innovative techniques like solar/heat extraction and fermentation, waste materials are transformed into vibrant, naturally dyed fabrics with potential health benefits.

This project is a testament to nature's resilience and adaptability. From observing silkworms adjusting to weather changes to witnessing the magic of hue creation in plants, each discovery deepens our connection to the natural world.

HOLI.KA.RANG is more than just a project; it's a celebration of life's intricacies and the transformative power of colours. It mirrors the growth and purification symbolized by the Holi Festival, embodying the vibrant spirit of living colours. And in a personal touch, HOLI.KA.RANG is also the name lovingly bestowed upon my daughter, encapsulating the essence of joy and transformation.

HO-LI-KA Method 

No 1 HO-LI-KA  Forest Residue / Fermented Indigo - " NEELA "

No 2 HO-LI-KA  Agro -Waste / Vineyard Land Art - The Saree Offering 

No 3 HO-LI-KA  Expernimentation Workshop / Foundation Martell / Ordinaire Extra 

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