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Cocooning Nature: Inspiring Avian Habitats with Silk Fiber and Mycelium


Cocooning Nature" is a solo initiative led by Parmeet, aiming to create sustainable avian habitats using silk fiber and mycelium. Inspired by the resilience of these natural materials, Parmeet endeavors to design and construct nesting structures that provide safe and comfortable environments for birds while promoting biodiversity.

Phase 1: Material Selection

  • Silk Fiber: Parmeet selects Eri silk fiber for its strength and eco-friendliness, harvested sustainably to ensure minimal environmental impact.

  • Mycelium: Parmeet chooses Reishi mycelium for its rapid growth and structural integrity, complementing the silk fiber to enhance the nesting structures' stability.


Phase 2: Experimentation and Prototyping

Parmeet conducts experiments with various substrate compositions, combining Eri silk fiber and mycelium to create sturdy and resilient nesting structures.

Phase 3: Implementation and Observation

Parmeet implements the finalized nesting structures in natural habitats conducive to avian habitation, carefully monitoring their effectiveness in providing safe environments for birds.

Continuous observation and data collection allow Parmeet to assess the success of the structures and make any necessary adjustments.

Project Goals:

Design and construct sustainable avian habitats using silk fiber and mycelium, aiming to preserve bird nests in hot weather conditions.

Promote biodiversity by providing safe nesting environments for birds in regions with high temperatures and challenging climates.

Showcase the potential of natural materials in sustainable design and habitat conservation, particularly in addressing environmental challenges faced by avian populations.


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