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Organic Plant Materials and Minerals


A meticulous process that transforms agricultural waste, forestry residue, and locally sourced plant materials, including Indian herbal plants, into vibrant natural dyes. This technique allows for deep penetration of colours into fibers, resulting in unique and eco-friendly textiles and objects.

You can also book a sampling service to begin the process.




I specialize in the captivating technique of bundle dyeing. Utilizing natural, organic plant materials, I transform cloth, paper, or bamboo sheets into stunning botanical impressions through a meticulous bind and steam process.

I'm thrilled to offer private clients the opportunity to upcycle garments, transform wedding bouquets into cherished keepsakes, and repurpose food waste into exciting products. Join our online classes or summer flower farm workshops for unforgettable sensory experiences.

Join me in embracing the art of bundle dyeing and discovering the joy of sustainable creativity. Contact me to learn more about upcoming workshops and reserve your spot today.



I create stunning inks and paints for various applications.

Did you know that oak galls, created by certain wasp species injecting chemicals into oak trees, can be crushed and mixed with iron sulphate, gum Arabic, and water to produce indelible ink?


This historical ink has been used in iconic texts such as the Magna Carta and by famous figures like Leonardo da Vinci and Mozart.

In my practice, I craft a range of inks and paints suitable for art prints, textile silk painting, packaging, labeling, journals, and paintings. Utilizing handmade, natural, and non-toxic plant starch binders, I transform natural dyes into vibrant inks.


HO-LI-KA Method 

No 1 HO-LI-KA  Forest Residue / Fermented Indigo - " NEELA "

No 2 HO-LI-KA  Agro -Waste / Vineyard Land Art - The Saree Offering 

No 3 HO-LI-KA  Expernimentation Workshop / Foundation Martell / Ordinaire Extra 

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