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​ "Sound of Nature - A Journey from the Soil, "

This exquisite object is a one-of-a-kind creation, entirely crafted by hand and bearing the unique signature of nature.

Project 2023 is currently in progress.

Sound of nature

I'd say if this is something I've never done,

Sound of Nature is a powerful story of Soil, Community and Culture - "no soil" means there is no human livelihood. We are born on the soil, live in the soil, walk on the soil, die, and finally, disappear into the soil.

I've observed that the sounds of nature have a way of bringing people together. It's fascinating to see how when I collaborate with others, they quickly grasp the direction I'm heading in, and they become fully invested in achieving our goals as a team. They're drawn to the idea of communal success and believe that our efforts carry a more profound message. One that speaks to the essence of who we are as humans.


During my Master's thesis on cognac, I wanted to find the connection between science, alchemy and spirituality. During that time, I Suppose someone whispered to little cheeks like me. At what age will you heal? You will understand all the difficulties your heart is facing. Not all grapes on the vine of life will have the appropriate constitution or grape bond.  Not all grapes will rise above to be the champagne of the champagne, kiddo. You must find and define this perfect copper tank that can handle double distillation and fermentation. To see the actual progress of love. In life. The connoisseur must master the art of alchemy, but first, the disciple must have vast experience with the right mixture of gentleness and spiritual ingredients. And must know the age-appropriate time in the cellar of the oak forest before she is ready to serve her best to the gods of the gods and the goddesses. 

Upon discovering the prevalence of automation in winemaking, I contemplated how to honour the diligent labour of local artisans and farmers. Despite questioning its relevance, I firmly believe that the significance of handmade craftsmanship and artisanal work cannot be overlooked. Each decision we make has an impact, and my latest work delves into the vital inquiries concerning our obligations to our community and the environment.

The earth's soil is a critical source of biodiversity, not only for cognac but the entire world. Our health, culture, and social behaviour rely heavily on the ground beneath us. Growing up in an agricultural family taught me to honour the soil as a sacred entity. However, with the world's population rising and agricultural land decreasing, the demand for this sacred resource has become pressing. Despite our best efforts to care for the soil, human interference often leads to imbalances and ecological instability.

As someone who studies both spirituality and chemistry, I strive to understand the transformation of liquids and the vibrations they emit in life. I have educated myself on identifying grapes for winemaking and mastering the distillation process. Most importantly, discovering the true essence of cognac-making in the Charente region holds a special place in my heart.

This is a story of Soil! This is a story of Cognac Soil!

Stay tuned for more information!


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