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 "Sound of Nature." Inspired by the natural beauty of Cognac's landscapes
Story of Nature X Human decanter "mouth-blown".

ongoing project 2024

"The Sound of Nature" is a project that aims to highlight the importance of soil and natural resources. It utilizes innovative biomaterials made from agricultural waste and forest residues found in the Cognac region while using traditional techniques.


To pay homage to the organic shapes of the Cognac Vineyard, we collaborated with skilled artisan verrier Jean-Charles Miot and Laetitia Andrighetto Miot to design a hand-blown Cognac bottle. The bottle's design depicts the earth, waves, landscapes, cellar caves, and shells found in the region.


The transparent design captures the pure essence of passion and the liveliness of the light , all while utilizing old techniques to produce a truly unique work of art.Our 5 Bottles project pays homage to our environment and the lost traditions of manual craftsmanship. It serves as a reminder of the beauty of human touch and the connection we share with each other and our surroundings.


The term "mouth-blown" evokes nostalgia for a time when artistry was valued over efficiency. It celebrates the raw talent and creativity of our predecessors and inspires us to continue to appreciate and protect our environment.

This project is ongoing, and we are actively seeking like-minded collaborators and artisans to help us develop this biomaterial and design further. By joining us, you can contribute to the growth of local winegrowers in Cognac.


If you share our passion for creating biomaterials and designs inspired by nature, we welcome you to collaborate on this project.

Working with nature to protect nature

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