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"THE SAREE OFFERING " The Noble land, The Noble Harvest 

Collective Project :  Jean-Luc Pasque Cognac and Petties-series (Parmeet Kaur)

Material: Organic Vinyard leaves, Peace silk 

Location: Cognac

Photographer: Arnaud Koncina 

The Saree Offering - Featured on Future Materials: Our project has been showcased on Future Materials, a platform developed in collaboration with the MA Material Futures at UAL Central Saint Martins and the Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA). Explore the feature to learn more about our contribution to the sustainable materials discourse."

"The Saree Offering" is a project promoting sustainability and soil regeneration through land art. The project combines art, Ayurveda, agriculture, alchemy, science, philosophy, tradition, heritage, and sustainability to create something magnificent.

On July 20th, 2023, a celebration was held to honour the Cognac Golden Vineyard Leaves and its Noble Harvest. The event showcased a live dying performance, where a saree was offered as a gift of gratitude to the land of @cognacpasquet. The celebration was similar to traditional Indian festivals where people give thanks for a bountiful harvest and seek blessings for the future. It began at 7:30 AM and served as a beautiful and inspiring reminder to appreciate the abundance provided by the land.

Parmeet harvested and extracted 100% natural dye from silky vineyard grape leaves, containing over 80% tannin and yellow hue. The colour extraction process required forging, maceration, and distillation and underwent a series of meticulous preparations. The resulting dye is an excellent example of how agricultural materials can create beautiful and sustainable products. 

A dream project that aims to improve sustainability and generate added value for winemakers. The project involves the co-crafting of by-products, natural dyes for textiles, and the recovery of flavonoid compounds from vineyard leaves. The goal is to promote the circular economy and provide benefits to the local community.

The project seeks to engage younger generations in creating a harmonious balance between progress and preservation. It emphasises the importance of paying attention to what we use and understanding how everything has a purpose. Although the project may not change the world, it can change the local land by promoting nature conservation and sustainability practices.

Our love for nature drives our project; it is a self-initiated project

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