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Reconciliation transforms a story of salvaged into a labour of love."

This project is about reviving the traditional natural,  fermented indigo dyeing technique.

NEELA  (INDIGO ) " Reconciliation"

This installation collection is designed with an unwavering focus on sustainability and the well-being of those around me, the community, and the environment.

I find it invigorating to work with organic, evolving materials that give my work a sense of vitality. I financed this project's initial phase and am now pursuing two distinct paths: a homeware collection and a wearable art line. Every fabric is sourced from nearby communities and prepped with traditional Indian cleaning techniques, using only rainwater. Through careful meditation, I carefully arrange each item to ensure uniqueness and individuality.

This piece of fabric is meant to represent either excessive consumption or reduction. The pattern has been altered through traditional hand dyeing and sewing techniques, resulting in a wabi-sabi-like aesthetic. The fabric was dipped in a dye made from organic Indigo leaves and pigments, undergoing the process 15 times. The result reflects the remnants left behind by a single leaf. I use whole leaves and powder, ash water, tamarind pulp as a fermenting agent, crushed date powder, Henna, cereal bran, and nothing else for my Indigo vats.

With a meditative mindset, I devoted myself to crafting this compilation. Despite the sky and sea's appearing blue, it's merely a visual illusion. Plunging a cloth into the ocean won't dye it blue. This hue is enigmatic - visible to our eyes yet non-existent. Donning blue attire could evoke a sensation of being swathed in ancient avatar messages.

This is the story of a visible blue stitch!

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