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The Full Story

Petites -series started
with a simple mission
—to reconnect with Nature.

As a textile designer and plant dyer, I understand the importance of sustainability and knowing the origins of natural materials like agro-waste. I strive to prioritize these values and encourage others to do the same.


From Regenerative Farm

I am committed to promoting transparency and advocating for regenerative practices that bring benefits to smallholder farmers and enhance soil health. Additionally, I strongly prioritize the establishment of sustainable and ethical relationships between producers and consumers.


Responsible sourcing -

In my backyard, I am cultivating Marigold, Vineyard, and various medicinal plants. I work closely with suppliers who share my values, such as those who produce Peace silk using cocoon-crafts-loom from India and Germany, and Eri silk fiber from Muezart in Meghalaya, India.


I use fabric offcuts and hand-knotted ties that are upcycled from looms to package my products. The boxes I use are made by Srishti-trust in Munnar, Kerala, INDIA. These boxes are not only wood-free and handmade from waste, but they also support and empower women's livelihoods in Munnar, Kerala.



A combination of ancestral craft and natural dyes.

All textiles and objects are dyed using plants and agricultural waste, making them better for you, the makers, and our planet. I am dedicated to minimizing my environmental impact and producing in carefully considered, limited quantities.
My signature dyes
Indigo |Pomegranate shells |Walnut |Manjistha |Vinyard Leaves Waste |Oak leaves | Mulberry leaves |Pine Conegrass |Turmeric | Marigold flowers”

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