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A Blue Dreamer, An Artist, Or a Crazy Indian 


Parmeet Kaur is a specialist in non-toxic natural dyeing, printmaking, and bioregional regenerative objects and textile systems. She is a natural dyer who uses her creative gift to make and use plant dye, indigo dye, local soil, agricultural vineyard waste, and forest residue in an artisanal approach. Her charming studio is located amidst the Vinyrad agricultural land in Cognac, France.


Parmeet is a self-taught artisan who has a passion for ancient knowledge, ecology, and community. She is involved in various projects that promote self-reflection and deeper connection with nature. Parmeet is a connoisseur in crafting wearable art and objects made from natural materials using eco-friendly methods such as fermented dyeing-Indigo, natural dyeing, and regenerative design techniques.


She collaborates with urban communities on initiatives like #soundofnature, #livingcolours, and #thesareeofferings. These projects provide her with a platform to share her organic plant dyes and bio-earth materials, exchange skills, and create functional objects with circular designs.


Parmeet sources more than 20 types of plant materials locally, including agricultural waste, forestry residues, and food waste, to create a variety of natural colours. These colours are showcased at the FOUNDATION D’ENTREPRISE MARTELL | ORDINAIRE EXTRA program, which is a part of the ALMANACH Exhibition, featuring designers' perspectives on the resources of the Charentes region.


Parmeet is working on two exciting projects - Dine & Dye and Offerings. Through Dine & Dye, she aims to engage the community in artistic expression while raising awareness about food waste. With Offerings, Parmeet intends to present a modern interpretation of the earth materials industry while exploring sustainable alternatives to classic art creation.


Parmeet's art aims to motivate people to assess their impact on the environment. She is also part of the Care project with the Martell Foundation, where she empowers the local community through creative yoga practices. Parmeet has a Master's Degree in Law, Management, and Trade in Spirits, a second professional diploma, a Master's degree in International Trade in Spirits from the University of Poitiers, France (2020), and a Higher Diploma in Marketing and Communication from Raipur University, India. She also earned a yoga teacher certification in the traditional method in India (2017).

Parmeet is inspired by the local regenerative projects that aim to rebuild the environment, and communities, and establish sustainable livelihoods. It's crucial to prioritize the restoration of soil and water health for the betterment of our planet. Regenerative agriculture offers a viable solution that allows us to produce food and fibres while achieving this goal. The sustainable textile industry is at an exciting stage, and Parmeet invites you to join her as she continues to explore the people, materials and projects involved in the regenerative textile and regenerative project movement.

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