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INDIAN  " NEELA" Natural Indigo Dye Service

“Nila, the Indigo Blue of India, is a very old form of dyeing that results in a unique and vibrant color due to the use of naturally occurring bacteria in the process. Similar to wine-making, indigo-dyeing relies on microorganisms to ferment. As a result, every indigo vat is a different hue, despite using the same recipe. The transformation from a green plant to a blue, almost black color is truly magical.


When it comes to fabric dyeing, the cost of organic natural materials such as cotton, linen, vegetal textiles and  Peace silk. Synthetic dyeing is not an option.

PRICE PER Grm: Organic Natural(cotton, linen, Silk) fabric:  from 0.70 Euro per gram for 3 Dips - Light Shade Indigo



For those interested in dyeing natural untreated wood, the cost is based on the total of the three sides (width, length, and depth) and ranges from


10 cm 2 Euro

20 cm 4 Euro

45 cm 15 Euro

60 cm 22 Euro

Bee wax and Oil (Walnut oil) coat finishing :

300mm  4 Euro

600mm  8 Euro

Note: Tax & Shipping is not included


  1. Second hand: Regarding the consignment of dyeing of second-hand products, Items are made from all-natural materials (such as cotton and hemp) and are not waterproof. In the case of vintage fabric, tears and breakage are possible. 

  2. Some stains may not stand out, while others may become more conspicuous.

  3. There is also a chance of general discolouration. 

  4.  A loss of shape (deformation) is also possible due to the expansion and contraction caused by passing through hot water.  

  5. Sometimes this “deformation” or “damage” to the adhesion /colour is not visible due to the amount of Alkaline in the indigo dye.

  6. SHOES: Regarding shoes,  only accept the ones that are made of natural material. In the unlikely event that the item becomes unwearable, we cannot take responsibility. 

  7. Delivery time: It will take up to 5-6 weeks. 

[Notes on processing]

・Please send washed materials. Items that are heavily soiled or heavily discoloured may require a separate washing fee.

・Even if the quality label is 100% natural fibre, most sewing threads are polyester, so the stitches may not be dyed and may remain white.

・Old items, thin hand-spun, and hand-woven fabrics may break threads or tear the material as they are repeatedly dyed. In that case, I will stop dyeing at that point even before reaching the desired colour.





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