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Wash responsibly.

You don't need to wash your pieces after every wear! We recommend airing them out on a hanger in between wearing them. Only wash them after wearing them at least three times or when you need to remove stains immediately.


Ensure your pieces are dry (not damp) to prevent mould—and always hang, not fold, your naturally dyed pieces in the shade. 


I recommend you hand wash your clothes with cold water. While dry cleaning is a safe option, hand-washing reduces energy use, is better for the environment, and prolongs their life. After preparing your laundry correctly, follow these steps.


Preparing the laundry


  1. Make sure clothes are turned inside out.

  2. Separate by colours to avoid colour-ins.


Material guide


  1. Clean your silk (Tencel Silk blend, Silk Organza) pieces, as water makes them more fragile and prone to staining.

  2. Raw, undyed handwoven cotton is machine washable.

  3. Hand wash dyed handwoven cotton to avoid colour fading.

  4. Hand wash or dry clean Tencel fabric to avoid lint and fuzziness.

  5. Avoid soaking the naturally dyed fabric for longer than three minutes.

I recommend line-drying your clothes to prevent any breakage. Avoid dryers. Aside from consuming much energy, a dryer can harm your clothes and fade the colours. Follow these steps instead:


Air Dry


  1. Make sure dresses are turned inside out.

  2. Line dry in the shade.

  3.  Fix the clothes to minimize wrinkles.


Pro tip


Long silk dresses should be prepped before line drying. These steps are meant to reduce their water weight and hence the risk of damage:



  1. Lay flat on a clean towel.

  2.  Cover with another towel.

  3. Apply pressure to remove excess water.

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